When I buy Alstroemeria the buds are still small and green. Is this normal?
This is often a sign that your Alstroemerias are absolutely fresh. Ensure that the buds are showing colour and are slightly open. You will see that the buds will open quite rapidly and the flowers will display their fabulous colours. Alstroemeria keeps its promise: ’I promise you surprising colours’

Alstroemeria is often used as a filler in mixed bouquets. What else can it be used for?
Alstroemeria makes a fantastic bouquet either on its own or in a mix of different varieties, without the need for other flowers. You could add a stem of baby’s breath or a few fern fronds to spice up the look. A new idea for the shop floor!

Should the customer put the Alstroemerias into a vase immediately on arrival at home?
It is better to stand the wrapped Alstroemerias in water first and allow them to have a good drink. The customer can then remove the wrapper, slant cut the stems and remove the lower leaves.

Is it a problem if leaves are left hanging in the water?
Avoid allowing leaves to hang in the water. The water will stay fresh longer allowing the stems to drink so the Alstroemeria buds will open better.

Does Alstroemeria need cut flower food?
We recommend adding a sachet of cut flower food to the water as this results in better and longer flowering.

What else can the customer do to get maximum enjoyment from Alstroemeria?
Fresh water in a clean vase, replace the water occasionally and remove dead flowers.