… in the shop:

  • The ideal storage temperature is 3 – 10°C
  • Store in fresh water
  • Prevent the water from becoming contaminated quickly by ensuring no leaves hang in the water
  • Buy immature as well as mature products, whose flowers are already showing some colour (what we call the awakening or emerging colours)
  • Give the customer a sachet of cut flower food with every bunch of Alstroemeria. This extends the vase life and encourages repeat buying behaviour in the customer

… in the home:

Alstroemeria is a strong, easy care flower and will give the consumer long-lasting enjoyment. You can extend this enjoyment by passing on the following tips:

  • On arriving at home stand the wrapped flowers in water and allow them to have a good drink of water
  • Slant cut a piece off each stem and remove the lower leaves
  • Stand the flowers in a clean vase of fresh water and ensure no leaves are submerged
  • Adding a sachet of cut flower food to the water will extend flowering and also encourage even the small buds to open
  • Remove dead flowers and replace the water occasionally